Std – 8 science ekam kasoti solution :- 

Ekam kasoti Solution

Std – 8 Science ekam kasoti paper solution is useful for all students.

The unit test paper is to be taken every Saturday. Unit test taken on a regular basis, therefore students can get regular assessments. Some questions asked are tricky also. Unit test conducted by the Gujarat government all over Gujarat and a lot of children have to attend this test. In addition total marks for this paper were 25. The total time given for the test was 1 hour.

Paper Distribution:- Due to COVID 19, teachers should be distributed Question papers soft copy and hard copy door to door for students in all-district. It obtained from the Diet of its district and delivered to soft copy schools through BRC-CRC. The principle will receive a soft copy through email via CRC. So principle will arrange to make a test available in hard copy to all students at a time of the unit test.

Arrangement:- All the students have to write papers in one full-scape and will submit to the school teacher or principal.

Timing:- Due to COVID 19 pandemic there is a time limit for papers the last date is 05/09/2020. After checking unit tests Teachers make online data entry within 15 days.

NOTE: The solution here is not an official solution. This solution design my teacher friends to correct any errors you may have noticed.

Std – 8 ( Science )

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