Std – 3 EVS ekam kasoti paper solution

  ekam kasoti solution

The unit test paper is to be taken every Saturday. A unit test is taken on a regular basis, therefore students can get regular assessments. Some questions asked are tricky also. Unit tests conducted by the Gujarat government all over Gujarat and a lot of children have to attend this test. In addition total marks for this paper were 25. The total time given for the test was 1 hour.Ekam kasoti solution is very useful for students.

Paper Distribution:- 

Due to COVID 19, teachers should be distributed Question papers soft copy and hard copy door to door for students in all-district. It obtained from the Diet of its district and delivered to soft copy schools through BRC-CRC. The principle will receive a soft copy through email via CRC. So principle will arrange to make a test available in hard copy to all students at a time of the unit test. Arrangement:- All the students have to write papers in one full-scape and will submit to the school teacher or principal. Timing:- Due to COVID 19 pandemic there is a time limit for papers the last date is 05/09/2020. After checking unit tests Teachers make online data entry within 15 days.


The ekam kasoti solution is not an official solution. his solution design my teacher friends to correct any errors you may have noticed.If you have any suggestion related to ekam kasoti solution please tell us. So we can improve us.

Ekam kasoti solution:- 

Std – 3 Paryavaran ( EVS )

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The entry of marks is done on the basis of the result of the unit Test learning standard 3 to 8 semester 1 by the Education Department. Mark Entry is done on the education SSA GUJARAT. You have done the Unit test (Ekam Kasoti) Mark starts in one week for the SSA GUJARAT.. Due to COVID 19, no one can go to school. So from Gujarat government papers provide to students at their home. Primary Education is the Main base of every person, it should be strong enough. we have to understand it properly. So the state government is making radical changes in the education department. Rather here we provide test solutions. Hence we believe in supporting each other. Ekam Kasoti is also known as a unit test or Periodical assessment test. It is a great initiative started by the government of Gujarat.

Hence test paper gives to the students in hardcopy which the Principal of the school will give. So students have to create a separate notebook for the unit test and write the answers to the same questions. Seems like from tomorrow, students of standard I and II will have to give a unit test of various subjects every week.


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