Swadhyay Pothi for Std-5.

swadhyay pothi
  • New courses in primary education in the state and After the implementation of the syllabus, the students do self-study A new approach to becoming as well as becoming a creator of knowledge Has been accepted.
  • For this, students are required to do so in many ways Responsibility for preparation is also available in the field of mixing Becoming a carrier. Self-study is done by Mavadya The things they learned are repeated, their habit.
  • Assessment is done for therapeutic mixing as required Items are determined, as required by the student
  • Multiple goals that can be set individually Also prepared with this self-study book that complements the textbook Has been done.
  • Curriculum-based on the study and The content contained herein will remain relevant to the practitioners
  • An attempt has been made to do so. Accepted in the state To process school self-assessment (SCE). As well as for the proper development of the student’s Mixers will also be assisted by self-study books.GCERT Class 3 to 8 Swadhyay Pothi or swa-Adhyayanpothi.Now, all want to know that what is Swa Adhyayan Pothi?
  • Attempt to disable this self-study textbook Which is However regarding the effectiveness of this self-study book Meeting teachers, parents, as well as other educators in Return, is right. Better a poor horse than no horse at all Receives instructions to create as well as any capabilities If it comes to mind, it is invaluable.



Swadhyay Pothi Download:- 

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1MathsClick HereClick Here
2GujaratiIClick HereClick Here
3GujaratiIIClick HereClick Here
4HindiIClick HereClick Here
5HindiIIClick HereClick Here
6EnglishClick HereClick Here
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