Blue print For  SSC Basic Maths Exam 2021-22



  • Std 10 SSc Board 2021 Basic Maths Blueprint Important circular No.: Moumshab / Research / 2021 / e-385 Gujarat Secondary and Board of Higher Secondary Education, GSEB  Sector-10B, Near Old Secretariat, Gandhinagar, Dt. 03/08/2021 To, District Education Officer, (All) Office of the District Education Officer, Gujarat state.
  • Subject: – Mathematics Standard and Mathematics Basic question paper in Std-10 Mathematics subject
    Reference: – 1) The letter number of the office here: Moumshab / Research / 2019 / 2046-80,
    Dt. 04/06/2019
    2) Resolution No. of Education Department: Mashable / 1119/857 / six, dated 14/07/2021.
  • Reference to the above subject- (2) As stated in the resolution of the Department of Education
    Academic Year-2021-22 to Std-10 Mathematics in Mathematics Standard and Mathematics Basic
    A decision has been taken by the Government to provide an alternative to the type of question papers and Blue Print.
  • MEANING A blueprint is generally something intended as a guide when making something else. It is a detailed plan of action or outline in a technical form. … MEANING OF BLUEPRINT IN EDUCATION.
  • It provides students an interactive approach for education planning to meet the curriculum expectations and learning objectives.

Download Circular(પરિપત્ર) and Blue Print Click Here

  • Said As stated in the resolution, the textbook of standard 10 mathematics subjects will remain the same. School
    There will be no change in the educational system at this level or at the classroom level.
  • Mathematics Standard and Mathematics Basic question papers and Blue Print will be different in the Std-10 Mathematics subject. In each case, they have seized it, despite obstacles we can scarcely imagine.

  • The first step in preparing a test is to construct a design. A test is not merely a collection of assorted questions. To be of any effective use, it has to be planned in advance to be used for testing these. For this weightage to different objectives, different areas of content and different forms of questions are to be decided, along
    with the scheme of options and sections, and these are the dimensions that are known as the design of a test.
  • The marks will have to be kept separately. A copy of the said resolution dated 14/07/2021 from here
    Good news to you every day and in all the secondary / higher secondary schools under your jurisdiction
    Well sent to take necessary action.
  • Blueprint is a map and a specification for an assessment program that ensures that all aspects of the curriculum and educational domains are covered by assessment programs over a specified period of time
  • Objective Questions  :: 24 Questions :; 24 marks
  • Short Answer Questions-1 ::: 10 Questions :; 20 marks
  • Short Answer Questions-2 ::: 8 Questions; 24  marks
  • Long Answer Questions ::: 3 Questions: 12  marks
  • Total  Questions :::  53  total: 80 marks
  • time ::: 3 Hours, Total: 80 marks

  • Blueprint is the matrix or chart reporting the number and type of test questions represented across the topics in the content area, consistent with learning objective and relative weight on a test given to each topic.
  • A blueprint also identifies the % weighting of cognitive dimensions as the level of competence tested in each knowledge domain. Reference- (1) Implemented from the academic year 2019-20 by the office here as per the letter shown.
    According to the examination method, the question paper of standard-10 mathematics subject is formatted, merit, print and Sample question paper to all District Education Officer’s offices in all of their districts
    Secondary / higher secondary schools have been well informed and implemented.
  • The above standard-10 mathematics subject question paper format, merit, blueprint, and sample question paper E: \ HK-12 Mathematics \ Std-10 Regarding two types of question papers.docx
  • Mathematics as standard in mathematics subject for standard 10 examinations from academic year-2021-22Will have to count.
  • From the academic year 2021-22 by Gujarat Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Question paper format, marks, for Mathematics Basic in Mathematics for Std. Bluprint and sample question paper is prepared by experts. Which involved with This Is.
  • The design of a question paper may also indicate the scheme of sections for the paper. For example, a question paper may consist of both multiple-choice questions and short-type questions. Such a test may have two sections, one consisting of multiple-choice questions and the other consisting of short-type questions, essay type, and very short answer type questions.
  • In case the examiner wants, the question paper can also be divided into sections area wise like one section for reading comprehension, another for writing tasks, third for grammar, and so on. If the multiple-choice questions are not substantial in number, there is no need to keep a separate section.



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