Privacy Policy

privacy policy

Privacy policy

privacy policy
Privacy policy

We provide educational materials :-

  • We do not submit any personal information related to you on our website. Unless you email, phone call, mail by post or join our website as a supporter. If you give us any personal information about you, we are committed to keeping it completely confidential. The same conditions apply to people working with us.

What do we do with E-mails?

  • We do not sell mailing lists (list of names of emails) or any kind of personal information received from the web, nor give it to anyone nor leave it out of

What do we do with Documents?

  • does not share its documents with any other organization. We do not make our mailing list (list of email names) available to any other agency.
  • Whenever you fill a petition or any other form on our website, you join us as a ‘cyber activist’. We keep information of individuals who contact us for further information or help. We do this so that we can contact them or provide information in the future.
  • Our website is available on various servers. The information on our website cannot be traced personally and we do not link that information to the people visiting our website. The server only informs us of the date-time and Internet address from which our site has been viewed. We can monitor the activities of an unknown person on our site. use this information to improve the performance of our site and to keep track of the traffic (readership) on the site. We also see at what time of day and on which day of the week the traffic on our site was the best. With this, we also assess the popularity of the content on our site.

About cookies

  • Our website uses cookies to select certain choices of interest. Cookies do not collect any personal information that is present on your computer. You can organize your browser in such a way that whenever you receive a cookie, information comes to you. Or you can also disable the cookie easily. We do not use cookies to monitor the content and also make every effort to keep the ‘offline’ information related to the people connected to us. We make this information available only to those employees who need your personal information for this work. Our employees use password-protected screen-savers whenever they are not at their desks. When he comes back, he has to enter his password again to get information related to you

DMCA Protect

  • Our Website is protected and monitoring by DMCA. DMCA is the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) Takedown Services & Website Content Protection tools.


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