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Std – 5 Maths Ekam Kasoti. Solution Date : 15/02/2020.Std – 5 Maths Ekam solution download 

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Unit test paper is to be taken every Saturday. Unit test are taken on regular basis,therefore students can get regular assessment. Some questions asked are tricky also.Unit tests are being conducted by Gujarat government all over Gujarat and a lot of children have to attended this test. In addition total marks for this paper were 25. The total time given for the test was 1 hour.

Paper Distribution:- Question papers soft copy other than Gujarati which has been sent to the OIC-P&MO of that district. It will have to be obtained from the Diet of its district and delivered to soft copy schools through BRC-CRC. The principle will receive a soft copy through email via CRC. So principle will arrange to make a test available in hard copy to all students at a time of the unit test.

Arrangement :- The seating arrangement is to be done by the teacher according to the student’s strength. The teacher has to do monitoring in the room where the unit test is conducted. Likewise Unit tests should be conducted in a peaceful environment. Within one week After checking the test, it should be given to parents for signature. The teacher has to make particular comments where necessary.

Timing :- In the morning school, the test time will be 8:30 to 9:30 and for the afternoon shift.So the unit test time will be kept from 13:00 to 14:00.

Students who have not achieved particular adhyayayn nispatti, teachers have to look after that. After checking unit tests Teachers  make online data entry within 15 days.

NOTE: The solution here is not an official solution. This solution is designed by teacher friends to correct any errors you may have noticed.

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