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Today, the children of standard 6 had a social science paper. This paper is very simple for children and its questions are easy for every child. This paper has a total of 5 questions. The paper is 25 marks in total. This paper is taken to increase the knowledge of the children of the Government School of Gujarat. Writing this paper prepares the child and can produce good marks in the annual exam. It is our endeavor that every teacher gets guidance. This answer is for support only. Same for Mahavara. Children can write answers with their own intelligence. Their answers may be different than the ones given here. This is our innovative initiative that will provide teachers with the right guidance.
In today’s social media paper, 5 questions have been asked. Question 1 – Select the options and type in the answer and there is space. The second question is attached, the third question is short, the fourth question is differentiated and categorized and the fifth question is answered as asked. The answers here are for support only. If the error is missed please request to be sent to our mail id Your suggestions are welcome.
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Paper solution for standard 6
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